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DITA x Sabbat
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VENZYN Optical
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DITA Eyewear welcomes Luka & Clark Sabbat to the DITA family.

The father-and-son front a new campaign photographed by Alfredo Bosco in and around the iconic Le Marais neighborhood and at the exclusive Hotel Costes in Paris.

Paris serves as the latest destination for DITA's flagship store, a city that holds special significance for Luka Sabbat as it was where he spent his early years. Originally born in New York, Luka's entire family relocated to Le Marais when he was just three years old, shaping his formative years in the heart of a city renowned for style.

Luka Sabbat has gained worldwide acclaim for modeling and acting jobs, collectively paired with an unmistakable individual style. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree as Lukas early style influences are his dad Clark and his stylist mom Jessica.

The campaign elegantly captures Luka and Clark with the former wearing DITA's iconic EPI-LUXURY 13 sunglasses — seamlessly transitioning from day to night with their interchangeable lenses.

DITA EPI-LUXURY is the California-based eyewear specialists top-tier line that transcends the conventions of luxury with a focus on exceptional Japanese craftsmanship and frames beholden to five key tenets to ensure a product ‘above luxury’.

“The craftsmanship and savoir-faire behind the glasses is what really drew me to DITA
EPILUXURY. A lot of brands just put logos on things but true luxury should be in the quality of something, and you really feel it when you hold or wear the glasses.”
— Luka Sabbat

Luka's father, Clark, a renowned creative and esteemed designer in his own right, has been a devoted aficionado of DITA eyewear for several years. Clark wears the oversized GRAND-APX sunglasses and his signature MASTIX glasses in black.