Introducing DITA-Lancier

Advanced Lens Technology
for Land, Sea, and Air

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Uncommon Expertise

20+ years.
One focus.
Eyewear design innovation.

Uncompromising Standards

Trusted partners at the highest levels of eyewear manufacturing. A coveted reputation as a true pioneer in optical innovation. A benchmark by which luxury eyewear brands are judged.

Unrivaled Ambassadors

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing. Formula One Icons.
Peter Burling. Two-time World Sailor of the Year.
Kirby Chambliss. World Champion Air Race Pilot.

Three Performance Lens

Land Lens

Driving. Running. Cycling.

Rule the road ahead.

The DITA-Land lens meets the realities of everyday activity by dramatically reducing blinding glare while fully retaining natural depth perception.

Sea Lens

Sailing. Fishing. Beach Activities.

Navigate with clarity.

The DITA-Sea lens features fully embedded polarization technology that eliminates most reflected surface glare without sacrificing contrast on and around open water.

Air Lens

Flying. Climbing. Hiking.

Own the altitude.

The DITA-Air lens enhances contrast and color for maximum visual precision and minimal distortion at every elevation.

Three Frame Constructions

Titanium One

Titanium One

Light. Mechanical. Function.

Boasting an ultra-thin profile and integrated hinge.

Titanium Two

Titanium Two

Thin. Technical. Comfort.

Crafted from titanium wire with an innovative integrated tension spring and flex stop.

Acetate +  Titanium

Acetate + Titanium

Classic. Enduring. Style.

Combining the richness of acetate with the lightweight flexibility of titanium, finished with our signature DITA hex screws.

Unrivaled Ambassadors

DITA-Lancier canvassed the globe in pursuit of brand ambassadors who demonstrate courage and endurance under the most extreme sporting conditions. Whether on Land, Sea, or Air, these athletes are set in the bar for excellence — and transcending the limits of sport.

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing
A force on land

800 employees. A relentless pursuit of perfection. That’s what it takes to get Aston Martin Red Bull Racing’s Formula One cars competing at the forefront of the sport; year in and year out. Where team drivers Max Verstappen and Alex Albon face pressure and power—on the hottest asphalt at the highest speeds—at a threshold most human beings will never experience.

Max Verstappen burst onto the Formula One scene in 2015 as the sport’s youngest ever racer at just 17 years old. Since then, he has established himself as one of racing’s fiercest young talents, defying expectations and silencing critics with his record-breaking performances on the track.

Alexander Albon is a Thai-British racing driver. In 2019 following an increasingly impressive first season, Alex was promoted to Aston Martin Red Bull Racing for the Belgian Grand Prix onwards. He is known for charging through the field, and dramatic overtakes which won him Rookie of the Year.

LSA-102, As worn by Max Verstappen and Alex Albon
White Gold with Brown Polarized

Peter Burling
A force at sea

Gold medalist. Seven-time world champion. Youngest helmsman in history to win the America’s Cup.

They say “never turn your back on the ocean.” Peter Burling listens, taking the planet’s most powerful, unforgiving seas head on. His astonishing list of accolades includes an Olympic gold medal and World Sailor of the Year honors. Twice. He excels in open water of a kind most mortals will never lay eyes on. And it’s here —at the edge of the world— where Burling honed the expertise that would make him a world champion.

LSA-701, Peter Burling Signature Frame
Satin Crystal Grey – Black Palladium with Grey Polarized

Kirby Chambliss
A force in air

World champion aerobatic and air race pilot.

Every time world champion pilot Kirby Chambliss steps into the cockpit, he helps to redefine the potential of man in flight. A five-time U.S. National Champion and decorated acrobatic pilot in the Red Bull Air Race series, Chambliss won his hard-earned insight in the bold face of gravity—that unrelenting force determined to keep man on Earth.

LSA-101, Kirby Chambliss Signature Frame
Black Palladium with G12