Celebrating those individuals who together, stand apart.

The “of ones” are a 21st century family, bonded not by blood but by their point of view. They are all standouts, and curious occupants of the same fictious apartment building where they share moments, conversations, and glances in the building’s classic elevator.

Together, they stand apart.


Meredith in DITA Souliner-One

Meet Meredith. She left Berlin for LA. A child-prodigy-techno-producer-come-Hollywood-choreographer who has moves that can not be unseen. Rarely without shades, she owns the night in her Souliner-One's.

DITA MetamatBilly in DITA Metamat

Meet Billy. The only thing sharper than her tongue is her tailoring. And her DITA Metamat sunglasses.

Meet Andre. The classic cowboy. Raised a little in Dakar, a little in Paris, and a little in Marfa, Texas, this guy is a sculptor. Even when spoken to in English, he usually responds in French. And he is never without his DITA Symeta Type-403 sunglasses.

Yuki in DITA Souliner-One

Meet Yuki. The morning after the klubnacht before. Techno isn’t really her thing but she had a big night. Souliner-One’s on a Sunday morning give it away.

Sue in DITA Interweaver

Meet Sue. Owner of an infamous party trick that only a lucky few have ever seen. Those DITA Interweaver sunglasses hide many secrets.

Roy in DITA Nacht-Two

Meet Roy. A mean mover who is only seen at night. Always the last to arrive and first to leave. Those Nacht-Two’s hide his dead eyes.