Notice of Financial Incentive

Summary. We sometimes offer discount codes or perks like a branded item in connection with you opting in to receive marketing emails. You receive such discount codes or perks because we want to show you that we are excited you want to hear from us and because we hope you will want to buy our products.

Material Terms. The details of each program are contained in the program offering but in general, we invite you to provide us with your email address, and we provide you with a sign of our appreciation such as a discount code or a perk like a branded item. We value the opportunity to market to you.

How To Opt In. You can opt in using a prompt (available on our website) that links to this notice.

Right to Withdraw. You can opt out of receiving marketing communications from us at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link contained in our emails, or you may contact us through

Value of Financial Incentive. The incentives we offer in exchange for the opportunity to market to you may be a discount coupon that can be used when you buy products from us, a branded item or other perk such as personalization of a product you purchased. Details of the incentive will vary depending on market conditions at the time the incentive is offered, and the value of your personal information will also fluctuate. Retail prices for our products and branded items vary.