Viviane Sassen is a name uniquely synonymous with both high fashion, fine art and nature — making the Dutch artist the perfect commission to explore the same ‘neo nature’ inspiration as our new Sasu sun frame.

Sassen’s vivid abstract photography can found be on the walls of world renowned galleries; the glossy pages of international fashion magazines; or within one of her published books (12 and counting). Sassen lived in Kenya as a child, and returned to Africa to shoot an exclusive series of images over a period of six months in Morocco and Tanzania for DITA.

Briefed to go ‘beyond natural beauty’, Sassen both constructed and captured scenes that are conversely natural yet alien. Working with her favorite natural element, sunshine, and petal shaped filters the images explore the relationship between light, color and nature — with the resulting sun drenched photographs the perfect homage to spirit of the Sasu.

As an artist, what draws you to nature?

I think nature is very inspiring on so many levels. First of all it makes you calm and allows you to think. Vast landscapes trigger your brain to imagine new possibilities. And a forest, with all it's beautiful tiny details, always leave me in awe, rather perplexed about the existence of life.

I love the variety of shapes, structures and colours in nature, it never stops to inspire.

What is natural beauty for you?

Natural beauty is probably not conscious of its own beauty. It just is what it is. It's us, people, who recognise it as beauty; we are the beholder of the eye.

How do you feel your work goes beyond nature?

As it clearly shows a thought, a symbol, an abstracted reality. It is created by conscious decisions, a human act. I think I often try to enhance the beauty of nature.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Viviane Sassen / @vivianesassenstudio