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Future and flora, inexorably intertwined: Sasu’s petal-shaped silhouette and hi-tech construction create a new take on a classic 70’s shape.

The second in a triad of innovative concept frames for Spring 2018, Sasu was informed by the similarities that connect a bionic future to our natural world. Initially inspired by the natural beauty of blossoming flowers, the frame is unmistakably futuristic both in style and construction.

Sasu’s “step-down” lens treatment features a unique implementation of the technique: the 4-base petal-shaped lens is skived, for a unique matte finish, creating a mulit-dimensional treatment on the surface of the lens. A slender titanium frame surrounds the circumference of the lens, mimicking the structure and function of a plant’s cell walls. The frame features an array of luxurious details, from the wishbone titanium temple design to custom titanium nose pads.
  • — Dual titanium rim with nylor detail
  • — Integrated titanium wishbone temple
  • — custom acetate temple tips
  • — Custom titanium nose pads
  • — Dita's signature step down lens feature.
  • — 100& UVA and uvb lens with anti-reflective coating
  • — Made in japan