Product Care of DITA Luxury Eyewear

DITA luxury sunglasses and optical frames are created by specially trained artisans in some of the oldest eyewear factories in the world. Our designers and master craftsman use only the best cellulose acetate, pure titanium, and beta-titanium for their beauty, uniqueness, and strength.  While DITA frames are made with durable materials, proper care is recommended for keeping your investment looking great and operating as they were intended.

While wearing your sunglasses or optical frames, it is best not to rest them upon your head as this may cause a widening of the arms and an augmented fit. Please note, as you wear your DITA frames, they will naturally form to your unique face shape, over time.

For storage, place inside the microfiber pouch and/or protective case provided with your purchase, in a cool, dry place. Storage in hot environments (cars, heaters, etc.) for prolonged periods, at higher temperatures, can cause the frame to deform.

To clean your sunglasses and optical frames, place under lukewarm water then use a light soapy solution, made with mild dish detergent, to remove any residue. Rinse and gently dry your frames with the microfiber pouch or cloth provided at purchase. To clean and polish your lenses, it is best to use a lens cleaner, then gently wipe with the microfiber pouch or cloth

You may wish to purchase a DITA Customer Care Kit, which includes lens cleaner, a microfiber cleaning cloth and DITA embossed case.