World-Class Ambassadors

Dita is proud to have chosen a select group of brand ambassadors who push the limits of speed and endurance in the pursuit of excellence.
  • Max Verstappen and Alex Albon in DITA Lancier

    Formula One Icons.

    LSA-102, As worn by Max Verstappen and Alex Albon
    White Gold with Brown Polarized

    Celebrating Aston Martin Red Bull Racing's record of achievement, we chose this elite Formula One team to provide inspiration for the DITA-Lancier Land collection.

    Eight-hundred employees. A relentless pursult of perfection. That's what it takes to keep Aston Martin Red Bull Racing's Formula One cars competing at the forefront of the sport, vear in and year out, where team drivers Max Verstappen and Alex Albon face pressure and power-on the hottest asphalt at the highest speedsat a threshold most humans will never experience.
  • Peter Burling in DITA Lancier

    Two-Time World Sailor of the Year.

    LSA-701, Peter Burling Signature Frame
    Satin Crystal Grey – Black Palladium with Grey Polarized

    “I am very proud to serve as the brand ambassador for the DITA-Lancier Sea collection. The quality of their eyewear and their team is truly impressive."

    They say "never turn your back on the ocean." Peter Burling listens, taking the plant's most powerful, unforgiving seas head on. He excels in open water of a kind most mortals will never lay eyes on, And it's here- at the edge of the world -where Burling honed the expertise that would make him a world champion.
  • Kirby Chambliss in DITA Lancier

    World Champion Air Race Pilot.

    LSA-101, Kirby Chambliss Signature Frame
    Black Palladium with G12

    It's an honor to be the brand ambassador for the DITA-Lancier Air collection. DITA isn't afraid to break new ground in quality, style, and design."

    Every time world champion pllot Kirby Chambliss steps into the cockpit, he helps to redefine the potential of man in flight. A fivetime U.S. National Champion and decorated aerobatic pilot in the Red Bull Air Race series, Chambliss won his hard-earned insight in the bold face of gravity-that unrelenting force determined to keep man on Earth.
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