Christian Roth Eyewear
Christian Roth as seen by Alexander DiGenova
Meet Alexander DiGenova, the 23 year old designer, photographer and creative director behind the brandʼs new campaign. Alexanderʼs creative ethos is largely inspired by his time spent between the art scene in New York City and working as a designer in Los Angeles where he currently resides.

Roth, who as a teenager was also profoundly influenced by the counter-cultural ethos emanating from New York in the 1980ʼs. “Early 80ʼs New York matters today, we still feel the creative energy, strivings and tensions of those years. For us it was the gateway to live our dreams and to express our identities.”- recalls Roth. “Alexander reminds us of a “young, aspiring us”. His defined aesthetics, radical candor and imagination for emotional material are already set at the dawn of his adulthood.”

Set in his Los Angeles apartment, Alexander enlisted his fellow creative muses, models and friends isolated with him to embody the spirit of the eyewear. Highlights from the collection include ARMER, worn by Anthony, a savant genius and master sewer who also happens to be Alexanderʼs brother. Anthony spends most of his day hand crafting garments. ARMER celebrates the thrall of New Yorkʼs sizzling midtown nightclubs. The extravagant proportions of the early 1980ʼs are slimmed and elongated for a dramatic new aviator.

The experimental proportions of the 1980ʼs continue in ROUND- WAV, a spacey oval frame rendered in a special cut-and-paste acetate. Worn by Kai, A young, Vietnam-born LA based designer. “Kai has been wearing vintage before he even knew what vintage meant” - says Alexander.

The spirit of the ROUND-WAV is captured on the unapologetic rebel-without-a-cause who lives for Los Angeles night-life. Model Juliana wears FIRI, a punky cat-eye rendered in angular proportions, using the brandʼs signature ultra-beveled acetate. “A bold, sculptural silhouette is perfect on Juliana and reminiscent of her essence” - says Alexander. Though in her early 20ʼs Juliana has traveled the world 3 times over and is fluent in French. Her monochromatic aesthetic is never complete without sunglasses.”